Reign Recovery uses DRN license plate recognition technology to locate and recover your assets!

We service a very rural area of NW Arizona and have recently started covering the Prescott area as well.

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REIGN RECOVERY... Formerly know as: Tri-State Recovery LLC
Arizona Vehicle Repossessions & Recovery Services

Western Arizona has been experiencing a growth explosion for several years. The number of vehicle accounts needing to be serviced in this area has grown at an exceptional rate. For years, this once remote area has been serviced primarily by companies located 150 to 200 miles from here. By using independent contractors and local tow companies along with the occasional trip to our growing desert cities, service is marginal at best. Reign Recovery LLC has a better solution. We have an experienced, professional recovery service located right in the heart of Western Arizona.

Having been in Mohave County for over 20 years has allowed us to develop many professional relationships and informative contacts. Maintaining these local contacts is a key factor in our ability to find those people who don't want to be found. Sometimes just being here makes all the difference. Servicing a string of small towns where everyone knows everyone else allows our field investigations to shine above the rest.

In the time that it takes most agents to drive to our service area we have been able to comb over the details of the account and prepare it for the field. This would include obtaining vehicle details from the selling dealer such as color and service records; a current license plate number along with a list of other vehicles the debtor may own. By using the original Credit Application and lists of references, we have secondary addresses and contact information to assist the field agents to do their jobs effectively in the field. These details often make all the difference. These are not trade secrets. This information is available to any legitimate repossession company. It is time consuming and labor intensive office work that allows for efficient and successful field recoveries. We think we do it best!

Reign Recovery is properly licensed, bonded and insured.
We stay involved in industry associations in order to be aware of changes
in the law and market trends which may effect our business.

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